The Modern Muse Company was borne of a passion for the inter-disciplinary areas of marketing, promotions, public relations and business development. With over 15 years of experience in these fields, we can deliver living, breathing results for your brand, your product or your services. Let us paint you a picture of how creative thinking can take your labor of love to the next level and beyond.

We’re a full-service marketing agency specializing in business-to-consumer brand partnerships, events, event marketing and integrated marketing campaigns, tailored specifically to your needs. The Modern Muse Company offers bespoke marketing solutions.

Founder & CEO

Modern Muse Company Founder & CEO Brigette Young
Modern Muse Company Founder & CEO Brigette Young

MMCO Founder & CEO Brigette Young’s greatest satisfaction in life is pulling off a great promotion with creativity and style. In her over 15 years of marketing every product, service, person and thing you can image, she has developed a knack for drilling down to clients’ goals quickly and identifying actionable steps to achieve them.

She loves the challenge of finding innovative solutions for complex problems, and helping businesses grow. To that end, she launched her own agency, The Modern Muse Company, in early 2016, specifically with the intent of offering flexible, creative marketing services for companies and brands of all sizes and varied needs.

In her spare time, Brigette enjoys spending time with family and friends, (vegetarian) cooking and baking, live music, flag football, and hanging with her tiny dog, Valentino. She also loves traveling internationally, and has visited over (25) different countries to-date. She also serves on the board of the USC Alumni Entrepreneurs Network.

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